Client Testimonial by Jayarani Sukanthi

My name is Jayarani .I work with an International organization called Lafarge.
We have been graced with the opportunity to savour the outrageously, delicious
cooking and explicit .service of Rueben Caterers.

We have been booking Rueben caterers for Lafarge functions over the last 2 years.
The menu we have chosen was always international spread and some Indian cuisines.
Nothing is more mouth watering as the Mutton Paratel, not to leave out the home made Lasagne,
and the array of vegetables done just right.

No words can ever describe the most delicious , satisfying meals and the overwhelming service
they have provided to LAFARGE , for this you must try for yourself , BELIEVE me you will never regret it.

The caterer with a PLAN
To make your MEAL their GOAL to SATISFACTION
To meet your NEEDS their ultimate VISION

Kind Regards
Jayarani Sukanthi
Level 1 , Group Audit
Lafarge Asia Sdn Bhd

Client Testimonial by Susan Raj

Let’s face it. You can’t get Jamie Oliver or Anthony Bourdain to come over to your place and whip up a superb lunch or dinner for family and friends….but your friendly neighbourhood caterer could!

At Reuben’s, chefs work on any day of the week,cooking the most delicious spreads for special occasions. A variety of western and Asian are amongst the famous house Specialities.
Desirable taste, scrumptious delight to the tummies….look no further and hook us up on!

Kind Regards
Susan Raj
Subang Jaya